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If you’ve got a smartphone, chances are that you have at least a handful of apps downloaded. But did you know that there are apps that can make you money? That’s right – you can actually use your phone right now to make money! There are apps that will pay you to go shopping, apps that pay you to play games, and even apps that will pay you to watch videos! A lot of these apps are quick and easy to use, meaning that you can even earn some money while waiting for your bus.


Roamler is one of the best money-making apps around. The app allows users to make money by completing small mystery shopping tasks. In order to join, you will need to be invited. But don’t let this put you off – if you join the Roamler Facebook group you’ll be able to get someone to send you an invite. You’ll then have to complete a couple of tasks unpaid before you are able to partake in the paid tasks. While this may seem offputting, it’s actually a great way for you to get used to seeing how the app works.

As you complete tasks you earn ‘Experience Points’, which will move you up to higher levels, giving you the opportunity to take part in more tasks and tasks with higher pay.

Field Agent

Field Agent is a mystery shopping app, usually requiring you to pay a visit to a shop and share your experience. You may be required to snap products in shops, and complete audits, which may involve taking photos of displays and answering questions about products. Tasks usually take around 30 minutes and you’ll be paid around £5-£10.

Street Bees

StreetBees is a market research task-based app. Throughout the week various tasks will appear on the app and you can choose whichever ones take your fancy. Simply select a task, answer the questions, and get paid. The tasks can range hugely. You might be asked to take a picture of your lunch one day and the next day be asked to take a picture demonstrating how you use a particular item.


This is one of my favourite apps and I use it all the time. It’s a cashback app that gives you cash back when you make purchases or pay for insurance policies, holidays, or services through the app. It’s a really easy app to use and it’s quite easy to build up a large amount of cashback quite quickly.


Quidco is almost identical to TopCashback in what it offers. You sign up and create an account and then click on the link in your app before you make a purchase online. Your purchase will then be tracked and you will be awarded cashback for making your purchase via the app. The only difference is the rate of cashback you receive. One app may offer 5% cashback and the other may be offering 10%. So make sure you check who is offering the highest amount of cashback for the retailer you are interested in before making a purchase.


This app saves you money on your shopping. With new offers every week, you can find great deals on everyday brands in supermarkets near you. Shopmium also regularly offers free items! Simply download the app, search through their latest offers, buy the products on offer, then take a picture of your receipt and upload it within the app. You’ll then get your money back!


Within the Swapi app, you’ll find a list of retailers you can earn points from. Whenever you make a purchase from any of their listed retailers with the bank card you have linked to Swapi, you will earn points. You can then redeem your points for gift cards through the app.

Users of Swapi can also exchange their expired loyalty points and trade them in for the in-app currency, ‘swapi points’. These points can then be used in Swapi’s marketplace, where you will find almost 300 affiliated brands.

Airtime Rewards

Airtime rewards is a cashback app that enables you to get money off your mobile phone bill. Simply download the app, link your mobile account and at least one bank card, and it will automatically track your spending and reward you with cashback. Once you’ve earned enough cashback, you can redeem it against your phone bill.


Swagbucks is one of the longest-standing money-making websites around. You earn ‘Swagbucks’ by performing various tasks online, such as watching videos or completing surveys. Each Swagbuck is worth 1p and can be exchanged for vouchers once you reach the threshold.


Premise is a task marketplace app that enables you to earn rewards for simple tasks. These tasks are usually based in and around your community and you will tend to make more money if you live in a city. You may be asked to report on the street signs in your area, or whether or report on poor bus stops in a particular area. You simply select the tasks you wish to do, and they will be added to the ‘My Tasks’ section. You will have a deadline to complete them.


A popular survey site that pays quite well and is easy to use. There are usually plenty of surveys to choose from and there is no minimum cashout. Simply withdraw your money straight into your Paypal account.


Shoppix is an app that wants to know all about your shopping habits. Simply shop as usualy, take a photo of your receipt within the app, and you’ll be awarded points. These points can then be traded in for Paypal cash or vouchers. You can also earn points by completing surveys and making friend referrals.


Sweatcoin is a step-counter app that tracks your daily steps and swaps them for ‘sweatcoins’. You can then spend this currency on gadgets, sports and fitness kit, experiences, and services. So, essentially, you are being rewarded for staying active.

Music Magpie

Trade in your unwanted tech for cash. The app (and website) is really easy to use. Simply input the details of the tech you want to trade in or sell and Music Magpie will offer you an instant and fair price. Once you’ve accepted, you’ll be sent everything you need to pack and post your item and once it’s been rteceived and checked over by the team to ensure your description of the item was accurate, you’ll receive payment.

Citizen Me

make money from your phone

A survey site with a difference – the surveys are about you. You’ll be asked about your family situation, your employment, your health, etc and you will receive cash in return for this information. There is no minimum payment threshold, which means you can withdraw straight to your Paypal account after each survey.

Curious Cat

An app that you can download onto your phone that allows you to earn money by answering questions. Once you reach 100 points (£1) you can cash out.

Snap my Eats

An easy-to-use app where you can earn money by completing surveys and snapping pictures of your food and drink purchases. This can include things like a full-blown meal in a restaurant, a coffee, or even a chocolate bar. You can earn a £1 reward credit for every 5 valid receipts you submit per month. Submit 25 valid receipts in a month to receive a £5 reward credit. You can then redeem your rewards once your balance reaches £10.


If you live in an area with plenty of shops and retail outlets, then you could earn by using Gigwalk. The app is used as a market research tool by leading companies to check stock and availability within shops. The money you earn is paid straight into your PayPal account, and you can then transfer it straight to your bank account.

This app will only be worth your time if you are out and about regularly.

Be My Eye

Be My Eye works with large brands, providing data on how their products are stored in stores. They pay everyday people, like you and I, to provide that information. All missions, or tasks, are displayed in a list, along with how much you’ll be paid and how long the mission will take. If there’s a mission you’re interested in, simply click ‘book mission’ and then pop along to the shop to complete the mission. Complete the information required within the app and upload a picture, then wait for your money!


Prolific is an online survey site from which you can make some decent money. Surveys are typically about scientific research, new products, or public opinion and they are usually interesting and well-paid. Be sure to fill out the ‘About You’ page to ensure that you keep getting regular surveys. Once you’ve built up £5 or more, you can withdraw your money to your bank account.

There are so many more money-making apps out there but these are my favourite, based on my own experience and research. Do you recommend any others that aren’t on this list?