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If you find yourself pulling your hair out when trying to think of what to buy your teenage daughter, granddaughter, or friend, you’re not alone. I have my own teenage daughter and I know exactly what it’s like. But fear not! We’ve put together a list of 38 fantastic gifts that any teenage girl would love to receive.


Every teen loves to write their thoughts and feelings down. My daughter owns three! Even if it’s just for doodling, no teen should be without her own personal diary. The Gratitude Journal for Teens is a great idea and is a lovely way for a child to wind down before bed and Wreck this Journal is a fun new way to journal.

Oversized Blanket Oodie

Both of my teens LOVE their Oodies and I don’t know a single teen without one. It’s like walking around in a cosy duvet – perfect for snuggling down to a nice movie in winter. This particular Avacado Oodie is next on my daughter’s wish list.

Starbucks Gift Card

Most teens love to go for coffee with their friends. This makes a Starbucks gift card the perfect gift option. Grab a £10 gift card and pop it in their Christmas stocking. You never know, she might even treat you to a mum and daughter coffee afternoon trip!

Chocolate Bomb Trio

If your teen is not a coffee shop kind of girl, this Chocolate Bomb Trio is the perfect gift. Simply drop a bomb into a cup of hot milk and watch it explode with chocolate deliciousness and marshmallows.


What teen doesn’t like experimenting with make-up? This make-up set for teens has everything your teen could possibly need for a girly pamper night or a night out with friends.

Bath bombs

Most teens love to pamper themselves at one point or another and this Bath Bomb gift set is sure to go down a treat. Just pop a bomb into a warm bath and watch it fizz and turn the bath water a bright colour. They are vegan and moisturising for dry skin too.

Beauty Products

Beauty products are always sure to prove popular with teen girls. This Burt’s Bees Lip Balm set, shea butter hand repair set, and Aussie hair repair set are all great ideas for teens.


Teen girls love to smell nice and perfume is always appreciated. Vera Wang’s Princess Eau De Toilette continues to be a popular choice.

Phone Accessories

Most teens today own some sort of smartphone and there are a multitude of accessories that you can buy for them. A phone case is a nice, inexpensive option, as are headphones. Another fun idea is a phone camera lens.

Ring Light with Tripod Stand

If your teen is a social butterfly, this is the perfect gift! Whether she’s wanting to perfect her TikTok videos or is starting a Youtube channel, a tripod stand with light is a must.

Bubble Tea Making Kit

Bubble tea is super popular now and making it at home seems like such fun. This bubble tea-making kit will definitely get a thumbs up from your teen.

Make-Up Bag

A good make-up bag is a must to keep your teen’s make-up and beauty products organised. This fun flamingo design make-up bag is a popular choice right now.

Electric Toothbrush

My daughter loves her electric toothbrush. It’s a practical gift but your teen will love it.

Art Set

Arts and crafts is so popular with many different age groups. Yes, even teens when you manage to wrestle their tech off them! Any kind of paint set or colouring pencils is likely to go down well.

Gel nail polish set with UV light

So many teens love having their nails done but, unfortunately, this can be quite pricey. So why not get them their own mini nail salon? This is such a great gift for a teen.

LED lights

You will be loved forever more if your daughter receives these LED lights as a gift. Mine begged me for ages before I relented and got them for her. They really do make her room lovely and cosy and she now loves going to bed at night, which is a huge bonus!

Hair straighteners

All teens love creating new hairstyles. These hair straighteners will allow your teen to create gorgeous curls or poker-straight hair in minutes.


We should all be aiming to walk 10,000 steps per day in order to keep fit and healthy. This Fitbit is a great way to track how many steps you complete each day.

Keepsake bracelet

Teenagers can be notoriously insecure and tend to feel like all us adults do is nag and tell them what to do. This gorgeous Keepsake bracelet will show them just how much you do love and appreciate them.

Bedside lamp with bluetooth speaker

We all know how difficult it is to get a teenager up for school in the morning. This bright lamp with bluetooth speaker will make things a little easier.

Hilarious family card game: Kids Against Humanity

This hilarious card game is a must for any family. It will entice your teen off their phones and will keep the whole family entertained for hours.

Fizzy bath bomb set

This gorgeous bath bomb set will help your teen to destress after a busy day at school. They’ll fizz and turn the bathwater a pretty colour.

Non-toxic hair chalk

Teens love to experiment and this non-toxic hair chalk lets them do so in a safe way. Your daughter can colour her hair with a range of fun colours and then simply wash it out when needed.

Cute cat purse

Perfect for keeping her money safe when out and about. As well as being practical, this purse is super cute too!

GraviTrax marble run set

If your teen loves to construct things then this starter set is the perfect gift for them. The great thing about these sets is that you can buy additional sets and connect them all together to make even bigger sets with ziplines, catapults etc.

Global warming lab set – STEM toy

Educational and fun all rolled into one. This weather station kit will keep your teen entertained for hours.

Wireless Sony headphones

These Sony headphones are a must for any teen, even if it’s just to save the parent’s sanity! They’ll be able to listen to their TikTok videos and music without the whole family having to endure it.

Handbag style toastie maker

If your teen loves handbags and loves to eat toasties, this toastie maker will make their day!

Popcorn Maker

This popcorn maker is great for sleepovers or family movie nights. Make your own popcorn and add any toppings you like.

Homemade icecream maker

Your teen will have great fun making different flavoured ice cream with this ice cream maker. As well as making ice cream, it makes sorbet, gelato, and frozen yoghurt.

Bounce off game

This game has been a huge hit all year and your teen will love it. It’s a simple family game but, often, simple is the best. This is sure to elicit giggles from the whole family.

Instax mini instant camera

Teens love to capture the moment with a selfie or a group picture. The Instax mini instant camera lets you take pictures wherever you are and prints them out instantly. The pictures can be given as gifts or hung on fairy lights in the bedroom to create a pretty feature wall.

Essential oil diffuser

This diffuser both looks pretty and relaxing and it makes the whole house smell lovely too. The perfect gift and not just for teens!

L’Oreal pamper gift set

This pamper set is perfect for girly pamper nights and sleepovers. Includes a sugar scrub, pure clay purity mask and glow mask, and aloe water spray.

Fidget toys

These fidget toys are perfect for teens suffering from ADHD or autism, or even just for those who suffer from anxiety or just like to have something to do with their hands.

Teen cookbook

If your teen loves to be in the kitchen creating culinary delights then this is the book for her. It’s full of recipes suitable for teens to make.

Revlon hot brush volumiser

This hot brush is great for creating gorgeous hairstyles. It’s perfect for teens with flat hair as it increases volume, making the hair look thicker.

Face steamer

This face steamer is both relaxing and great for clearing clogged skin. My daughter received this last Christmas and is one of the things she uses regularly.

Have you found any sure-fire hits for your teen? Let me know below.