Hello and welcome! We’re Ruth & Thomas (41 and 51 respectively, eek – how did that happen?!). We live in London with our two wonderful children, Jake & Olivia, our two crazy cats and our beautiful pooch, Hollie. Thomas and I run our own dog walking company and you’ll usually find us in a park somewhere, come rain or shine!


Back in 2018 we were struggling to pay our bills, despite both of us working full-time. Things got so bad that we almost lost our home. Twice. We couldn’t sleep, we were arguing constantly and we were generally miserable (bordering on depressed) and had had enough. So we decided, after years of letting money rule us, to take a-hold of our finances and fight back.

We discovered that we were £21k in debt. We had NO CLUE we owed this much money. It was no wonder we had no money left to pay bills or buy food. After the shock had abated a little, we set about figuring a way to pay it all off. Eight months later the debt was gone! Every last penny was paid up. We no longer owed a penny to anyone (aside from Santander, our Mortgage provider). I cannot even begin to tell you how liberating this felt.

We (in all honesty, I) decided to write this blog to document our story and to share our knowledge to try to help others become debt-free too. It’s scarily easy to get into debt but it’s not easy to free yourself from it. There is no magic wand; no secret formula. But it CAN be done. We, and millions of others, are proof that you can climb out from the deepest, blackest hole and start to enjoy life again.

Read how we became debt-free HERE.

Our story has been published in The Daily Mail, The Metro, The Daily Record, The Mirror, and The Sun.

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