Casino offers aren’t a way to get rich quick or guaranteed to make you thousands of pounds but they can be a really good way to earn a regular side- income over the long-term.

I used to associate casinos with gambling and was therefore never interested. In fact, if I hadn’t come across matched betting first and had instead stumbled upon casinos as a way to make a regular side income I would have dismissed it instantly. But the fact that I had made a lot of money from matched betting and the fact that Team Profit and Oddsmonkey (the websites I regularly use for my matched betting offers and therefore trusted) were promoting casino offers as a good way to make extra money meant that I was more open to the idea and willing to give it a go. I’m so glad I did as I make, on average, around £700 per month with casino offers alone!

Casino now makes up the majority of my side hustle income. I enjoy it much more than matched betting and I can pick and choose what I do and when I do it. And I am so grateful for casino considering that almost all sporting events have stopped due to the coronavirus, meaning that most matched betting is on hold. However, even before the virus, I was starting to depend more and more on casino offers than I was on matched betting.


In order to start your casino side hustle you will need to sign up to either Oddsmonkey or Team Casino. There may be other websites that I am unaware of but I have used both of these and can highly recommend both.



If you are currently matched betting or are planning to start matched betting then I recommend that you use Oddsmonkey as you can access all of the matched betting daily offers AND the daily casino offers in one place for just one subscription. They have brilliant step-by-step starter guides for both matched betting and casino and their online support is brilliant too. If you already have an Oddsmonkey account then just head over to the dashboard area and click on the ‘casino hub’ tab. From here you can access new account offers, relaod offers, weekly club offers, the expected value calculator, the casino slot database and the casino training guides. If you haven’t got an Oddsmonkey account then you can sign up here. They do a weekly trial for £1 and it is £19.99 per month thereafter. I initially bulked at the £19.99 price and fully intended to cancel after my weekly trial had expired. But I made so much money during my £1 trial with the sign up offers that I allowed myself to pay for the first month to see how I went. I made my £19.99 back in the first day! Needless to say that I continue to pay monthly but, without exception, I make it back in the first day or two. If you need to cancel for whatever reason you are able to do so at any time.


Team Casino

If you aren’t interested in matched betting then you may want to use Team Casino. They are currently offering a 10 day trial for £1. It is £14.99 thereafter. I was initially using Team Casino for my casino offers and Oddsmonkey for my matched betting offers at a cost of £32.98 per month. I then realised that Oddsmonkey were offering exactly the same service as Team Casino so I cancelled my Team Casino subscription, saving myself £14.99 per month. I’ve actually found that Oddsmonkey have a larger casino offer list than Team Casino do. However, if you definitely aren’t going to do matched betting then you may want to use Team Casino as it is £3 per month cheaper.



Before you sign up with any casino site make sure to read through the guides first though. I found casino very daunting to begin with. I was utterly terrified I’d lose money but this was purely because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! I didn’t understand any of it in the slightest. It took me a good while before I felt confident with it. I recommend that you read the guides a few times before you start. Once you have a bit of an idea about what it is all about then it’s time to begin!

Offers are split into risk free, low risk, medium risk and high risk. For many months I stuck with risk free and low risk and made decent money. I now do a combination of risk free, low risk and medium risk. I don’t recommend that you do high risk offers until you have a significant ‘bank’ and are very experienced with casino.

Risk free offers are where you get free spins or a bonus for signing up with a casino. Some casinos offer free daily risk free games too so make sure that you do these daily as it’s free money if you win.

Low risk offers are different in that we first have to play with our real money before we can unlock a bonus or free spins. There is therefore a risk that you may lose some of your money.

Medium risk offers are similar to low risk except that you have to play with a larger sum of your own money before the free spins or bonus is released.

When you are play with, or ‘wager’ your own money there is the chance that you may lose some, or all of it. But there is also the chance that you will make a winning when wagering through your money. It took me a long time to get my head around this but once it ‘clicked’ it made total sense.

Below is a picture from one of my recent wins from a low risk offer. It was with Paddy Power – wager £10 for 10 free spins. I had to wager through £10 of my own money in order to ‘unlock’ the free spins. This is quite a regular offer. Sometimes I will make a decent amount wagering through the £10 – in the example below I won £165 on one of my spins! Obviously this doesn’t happen all of the time but I’ve had a decent amount of wins like this. Sometimes you will lose all of the £10. This doesn’t happen often but it is important to be aware that it can happen. Typically, you will either win a pound or two and then get your free spins or lose a pound or two and then get your spins. 



If you are new to casino, you can expect to earn £800-£1000 just with the welcome offers alone. This is based on around 75 casino welcome offers and cash back offers. It is then possible to make around £500-£1000 per month on reload offers. I managed to make almost £2k one month but £700 per month is average for me. I spend, on average, around 2 hours per day doing casino offers. The first thing I do is log onto my Oddsmonkey account and look at the offers available to me for that given day. I then work my way through the daily list.


Often, we have to risk a small amount of money in order to complete a promotion. However, it’s important to remember that Oddsmonkey and Team Casino will only recommend offers where you should expect to make a profit on average. You will lose money on some offers and make some on others and in the long run, you should make a profit overall. The mathematical edge we have in these offers should become very clear after completing lots of offers.


If you cannot afford to or stand the thought of losing money then you should stick to the risk free offers only. You obviously won’t make as much money but it will be worth it for your peace of mind. Most people, myself included, move onto casino after building up some profit from matched betting. It is therefore somewhat easier to cope with the downswings of casino because the money you’re ‘losing’ is not really your money – it’s coming out of your profit.

It is important to understand that with the low risk and medium risk offers you will get days where you lose. You may even get weeks of losing. This is why it is important that you are not using money that you need for bills. This happened to me at the beginning of February. I always ‘reset’ my month to zero so that I can track my monthly profit. For the first two weeks in February I lost on almost every offer. By the end of the second week I was down almost £300 (remember – this was not money that I needed for bills). It was terribly demoralising and I had to work hard to try to switch off from otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to carry on. I ploughed on though and ended the month £800 in profit.


I can’t stress how important it is to stay disciplined and avoid gambling. It is extremely easy to get sucked in, more so with casino than matched betting. Some of the games are great fun and it’s very easy to think ‘I’ll do one more spin’ but please don’t. One spin often leads to another and before you know it you’ve spun away £10 of your money. It’s just not worth it. Stick to the offers to the letter and you’ll be able to maximise the amount you make from casino. I have made thousands from casino over the last few months. It’s a great side hustle – it’s exciting and a really good earner. I can fit it in when I want and I can do as many or as few offers as I choose.


Good luck and keep me posted with how you’re doing!


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