• 15 benefits of living below your means

    Have a think about the people you know. What do they do when they get a pay rise? Chances are they increase their spending in line with that pay rise. Am I right? Well, they’re not alone. The majority of people will make a major purchase with a bonus or will increase their spending after […]


  • 6 Reasons why your budget isn’t working

    piggy bank

    I’ll never forget the feeling of writing out my first ever budget. I felt so grown-up and sensible and I remember thinking ‘This is it! this will be the end of our financial worries’. I showed it to my husband, who made all the right noises and praised my brilliant piece of work. Then we […]


  • How often should you check your budget?

    It can feel quite overwhelming when you are trying to find a budgeting system that works well for you. There’s the zero-based budgeting method – perfect for those wanting total control. Or maybe you prefer the percentage-based budgeting system, which is less restrictive and great for those trying to pay down debt. However, once you’ve […]