Save Money

  • 8 best ways to pay off debt

    What is debt? Debt is simply as sum of money owed to another party. Chances are that we all know someone who is in debt, has been in debt or is trying to get out of debt. Quite possibly, you have had some kind of debt yourself too. It is an increasingly common problem and […]


  • 8 Money habits that keep you poor

    Do you have habits that are keeping you poor? Most of what we do with our money is automatic. We pay our bills, buy the same things, use the same companies and service providers, without even thinking about it. It’s all on autopilot, much like the way we brush our teeth each day.  This was […]


  • 8 Easy Ways to Save Money

    It’s easy to keep telling ourselves that we don’t have enough money to be able to save each month. After the bills have been paid there just seems to be nothing left. Millions of people tell themselves this month after month; year after year.  But it doesn’t have to be this way! With  some easy […]