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The cheddar app is one of the newest cashback apps on the scene. Cashback sites have been around for a long time and they are growing in popularity. It’s no wonder, really, as who doesn’t want to earn some money back on their purchases? However, some cashback apps are easier to use than others, and Cheddar is one of the easiest ones to use that I have ever come across. All you need to do is link your bank card to the app and whenever you use that bank card with one of their partners, you’ll receive cashback! Simple.

Who is Cheddar and what do they do?

Cheddar is owned by Cheddar payments Ltd. They formed in 2020 and are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Cheddar serves two main purposes. Firstly, to provide cashback on purchases you make with any of their partners, and secondly, to make and receive payments.

Using Cheddar for cashback

Using the cashback element of Cheddar couldn’t be easier. Simply download the app and link your bank card (you are able to link more than one if you wish). Once you’ve linked your bank card, you’re ready to start earning cashback with the app. It’s fully automated, so you’ll never have to search for retailers manually. If you make a purchase with an eligible retailer, either online or in-store, the cashback will track automatically. And I’ve found that the cashback usually lands in my account within just a few days, which is very refreshing, given that some cashback sites take months to pay out.

To see what cashback offers are available, just click the little icon on the bottom left of the navigational screen. You can then scroll through all of the offers available. Cheddar has been working hard to add new retailers regularly, and each time I check the app, there is something new on there. The level of cashback ranges from 1% – 20%.

You can see all of your cashback earnings at the top right of the screen. Just click on it and then tap the ‘Redeem cashback’ button to transfer the money from the app to your linked bank account.

How to use the Payments feature

Another really useful feature within the app is the payments feature, which is very simple to use.

The app can make requests and payments using phone numbers, Cheddar tags (a user’s unique handle), scanning QR links, or tapping pay link requests. The person you’re paying or receiving payment from doesn’t even need to have a Cheddar account.

Although I mainly use Cheddar for cashback, I have used the payment feature a few times and I am always pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use. I hate asking people for money, and Cheddar takes away that awkwardness for me.

Cheddar Refer-a-Friend Scheme

Cheddar has a refer-a-friend scheme where you can earn £2.50 for any friend you refer. Although there is no sign-up bonus for the referee, they can go on to share their own link once they join Cheddar.

To share your link, click on the ‘profile’ tab at the bottom right of the navigational menu and then click ‘Refer friends’. This will show you your code and allow you to share.


Is my money safe with Cheddar?

Yes. Cheddar is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), meaning that your money is protected up to £85,000 (and let’s face it – even if you’ve got a major shopping habit, you’re not going to get anywhere near £85k!). When you connect your bank, it uses open banking, meaning that Cheddar never sees any of your details.

Which banks can be linked to Cheddar

Currently, you can link any of these bank accounts to Cheddar:

  • AIB
  • Barclays
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Danske Bank
  • First Direct
  • Halifax
  • HSBC
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Monzo
  • Nationwide
  • Natwest
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Revoult
  • Wise