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What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. We turn the free bets offered by bookmakers into real cash! It is recognised as one of the most effective ways of making extra money online in your own time. It can be extremely lucrative and is a fantastic way to boost your income. In fact, some people have been able to turn it into their full-time job. What’s more is that it is totally TAX-FREE!

Matched betting is generally considered to be risk-free. This is because any bet we place is ‘laid off’ at the exchange. Let me give you an example…. At the time of writing William Hill are offering new customers a great incentive to sign up- ‘bet £10 and get £30 worth of free bets’. In order to access the £30 worth of free bets we first need to place a £10 bet. Usually, you would place your bet and there is a chance it could win but also a chance that it could lose. Obviously, this is no good if we are trying to make money. As matched betters we place our £10 ‘back’ bet with William hill (so that we can unlock the free bets) but in order to make it risk-free we also place a £10 ‘lay’ bet with an exchange (I use Smarkets as my exchange but there are others too). Let’s say our bet with William Hill is for Liverpool to win. Our lay bet with the exchange will then be for Liverpool to not win. This means that we have both sides covered and don’t really care if Liverpool win or lose. If the game ends in a draw then we would lose our bet at William Hill but our lay bet at the exchange would win. Because we have placed the qualifying £10 bet we then gain access to our £30 worth of free bets! It’s as simple as that.


It Sounds Too Good to be True. Is it a Scam?

This is EXACTLY what popped into my head when I fist heard about matched betting. In fact, these doubts were exactly what stopped me from trying matched betting for almost a year! If it really was that simple to do then why wasn’t everyone doing it? Tax-free? It sounds dodgy to me! Surely it can’t be legal? Thankfully, I managed to overcome these doubts by doing some diligent research and realising that yes, it is legitimate. Yes, it is totally legal and above-board and yes, it is totally tax-free. I really can’t tell you why more people don’t do it. Maybe they’re scared because they don’t know much about sports or because they’ve never placed a bet before. Neither had I but I can now place a back and lay bet in just a few seconds!

How Much Have I Made?

Since I stared in December 2018 I have made £15,043. That is over £15k of extra tax-free income in just 15 months. This extra money has helped me to clear my debts, redecorate my home, treat the kids and pay for our dog’s (very) expensive hip operation.

Here’s how it breaks down, month-by-month:

  • December 2018 £181
  • January 2019 £908
  • February £884
  • March £2202
  • April £1945
  • May £1952
  • June £1643
  • July £969
  • August £165
  • September £874
  • October £527
  • November £507
  • December £39
  • January 2020 £1087
  • February £848

I’m writing this in March 2020, hence the few hundred pound difference in the overall total and the breakdown total. Some of the very high paying months were a result of the Cheltenham Festival, which is one of the BEST times to be a matched better. The bookies are literally throwing offers at you.

One of the best things about matched betting is that you can put in as many hours or as few hours as you like. I am not going to say that making the above amounts took me 20 minutes a day as that would be untrue. Just like anything, the more time and effort you put in the more you’ll make. Sometimes, I’d work all day at my ‘real’ job, collect the kids from school and do everything that goes with that – kids clubs, dinner, baths, make packed lunches for the following day, put the kids to bed, clean up etc – then I’d start my matched betting! It was relentless but seeing my profits grow spurred me on! These days I tend to wake up early to put a few bets on then do a bit of casino during the day around my day job. I’ll then typically do up to 2 hours in the evenings when the kids are in bed. I used to be able to spend a lot longer doing it during the day but our workload has increased with our business (hubby and I run a pet service business) so I can’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to it unfortunately.

Can I Lose Money Matched Betting?

As I said above, matched betting is risk-free and you shouldn’t lose any money. But it can happen if you’re not careful. If you try to do your bets too quickly at first then you will inevitably make mistakes and therefore lose money. Check everything you do twice then check it again! You also need to keep track of your free bets as most are time sensitive. Also, you can lose money through gambling. If you have an addictive personality then matched betting may not be for you. Matched betting is not gambling. Nine times out of ten you will lose money gambling.

So How Do I Start?

I have been using  OddsMonkey to teach me about matched betting and to keep me up-to-date with all of the latest sign-ups and offers . You can sign up to OddsMonkey here and get a free trial. Once you have completed the initial offers shown, you will have made around £45. You can then sign up for their paid membership, as I have, in order to access all of the offers available.  You’ll also gain access to the premium calculators (essential as you progress with your matched betting), the daily offer guides, all of the extra tools, the video guides (these were invaluable to me and there is no way I would have made as much as I have without them), online support (I think you can even arrange a phone call with them if you need extra support) and the profit tracker. I made my money back from the premium package within two days. In fact, I have been in profit each month since I started matched betting and have always made my subscription back within the first few days of each month.


I recommend that you start by working your way through the beginners section. Again, read through the guides carefully and use the video guides along the way. They show you step-by-step how to place each bet. By the end of the beginners section you should have made in the region of £500. 

At this stage, you will be ready to move on to the more advanced offers. Don’t worry – if you have managed the beginner offers you should have no problem completing the next offers. Again, there are detailed guides to help you. 

After completing the advanced offers, you should be standing at £1000 profit. All within around a month of starting up! And don’t forget – all of that money is tax-free!

Reload offers

If you’ve got this far and you are enjoying matched betting you can move on to RELOAD offers. This is how matched betters continue to make in the region of £1000+ every month. 

Oddsmonkey have hundreds of reload offers on their website. Just visit the daily offers section to find them. 

Many matched betters make the decision to incorporate CASINO OFFERS into their daily routine. Oddsmonkey has a casino section on their website and you can access all of the casino signups and relaods there for free if you are a premium member.

If you would like to learn more about casino offers, take a look at my casino blog post here

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  1. Hey. Can I ask in this example is the profit in the actual Liverpool bet you make and lay? Or is it in the £30 free bets? Also do you then bet and lay with the £30 free bet credits too? Thanks in advance. PT

    • Hello. I’m so sorry -I’ve just seen this! The actual profit is in the £30 free bets. Yes, you back and lay with the free bets too 🙂

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