Debt Payoff Spreadsheet


The Debt Payoff Spreadsheet is all you need to help keep track of your debt repayments, and you can even change the currency with the tap of a button.

The spreadsheet is fully interactive and easy to use.  Simply list all of your debts, log your payments, and watch the balance go down. The spreadsheet is able to recalculate when you overpay or underpay, and adjusts your debt-free date accordingly!

This is a downloadable product and works in Google Sheets. No item will be sent in the post. Once you’ve placed your order you’ll receive an email containing the link to your spreadsheet.

Happy debt slaying!



This spreadsheet will help keep you on track when paying off your debt.  Simply choose your currency, select your start date, and list your debts (along with their minimum payment amounts and interest rates) on the ‘Start’ tab.  Hit ‘enter’ and watch the spreadsheet work its magic! It will calculate your debt payoff date and how much interest you will pay based on the information you entered.

You can play around to see how much time you can knock off your debt-free date and how much you can save in interest by making overpayments.  It’s super motivating!

Each time you make a payment, log it in the ‘Log’ tab and watch the data populate in the ‘Month’ tab. Here, you can view your payoff progress, watch your debt reduce, and see exactly how your debt is distributed.

The final tab – ‘Payment Schedule’ will show you, at a glance, the debt-free date for each debt and all of the planned payments. Again, if you over or underpay on any given month, this will automatically update on all tabs.

This spreadsheet works with Google Sheets – all you need is a free Google account to use it. If you download the Google Sheets app on your phone, you will also be able to use the spreadsheet on your phone.


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