• How We Paid Off £21k Debt in 8 Months

    It seems absolutely unbelievable sitting here today that we were able to pay off £21k of consumer debt in just 8 months but it’s true and what’s more, we’re not high earners- we’re dog walkers!! It took grit and determination and many, many sacrifices but it was so worth it. I’m going to share with […]


  • Best finance books for beginners

    reading personal finance books

    If you’re anything like I used to be, the thought of reading a book on finance will make you want to run and hide. A lot of people think they’ll be dry and boring and not very easy to understand unless you have a degree in mathematics. But let me tell you – that’s not […]


  • Fun and free things to do in London in 2021

    changing of the guards

    Let’s face it – London isn’t a cheap place to live or to visit. In fact, according to ECA International, London is the 6th most expensive location in the world. However, although expensive, London is a fantastic and vibrant city and with such a huge array of things to do and places to see, you […]