• How We Paid Off £21k Debt in 8 Months

    It seems absolutely unbelievable sitting here today that we were able to pay off £21k of consumer debt in just 8 months but it’s true and what’s more, we’re not high earners- we’re dog walkers!! It took grit and determination and many, many sacrifices but it was so worth it. I’m going to share with […]


  • The Moneyhub App

    The moneyhub app

    What is Moneyhub? The Moneyhub app is a money management app that allows you to link all of your financial connections in one place. You can add your bank accounts, your credit card accounts, and even your investments, meaning that you can easily view your complete financial picture at a glance. Moneyhub can help you […]


  • Practical ways to save money on energy costs

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t have failed to notice just how much everything has increased in price over the last year. And the price of energy seems to have skyrocketed beyond everything else. Unfortunately, we can’t just eliminate gas and electricity costs from our budget as we can with, say, a […]