• 6 Reasons why your budget isn’t working

    piggy bank

    I’ll never forget the feeling of writing out my first ever budget. I felt so grown-up and sensible and I remember thinking ‘This is it! this will be the end of our financial worries’. I showed it to my husband, who made all the right noises and praised my brilliant piece of work. Then we […]


  • How often should you check your budget?

    It can feel quite overwhelming when you are trying to find a budgeting system that works well for you. There’s the zero-based budgeting method – perfect for those wanting total control. Or maybe you prefer the percentage-based budgeting system, which is less restrictive and great for those trying to pay down debt. However, once you’ve […]


  • 8 Money habits that keep you poor

    Do you have habits that are keeping you poor? Most of what we do with our money is automatic. We pay our bills, buy the same things, use the same companies and service providers, without even thinking about it. It’s all on autopilot, much like the way we brush our teeth each day.  This was […]