• Struggling to Pay your Bills?

    wallet full of bank cards

    These are very strange times we are living in. In just a few short months our lives have been turned upside down. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic millions of people have lost their jobs, parents are trying to home school their children while juggling working from home and worrying about their financial situation, and those […]


  • Money Moves I’m Glad We Made

    In terms of money and our finances, I feel like we have lived two very different lives. A few short years ago we would spend every single penny we had and more too! If we wanted something we just bought it whether we could afford it or not. If the money wasn’t in the bank […]


  • The Savvy Saver Challenge

    I set up the Savvy Saver Challenge so that we can all save together and spur each other on. We all know that saving up can be challenging. We each have so many bills and so many expenses. I’m hoping that with this challenge, we will be able to find areas in which we can […]