I set up the Savvy Saver Challenge so that we can all save together and spur each other on. We all know that saving up can be challenging. We each have so many bills and so many expenses. I’m hoping that with this challenge, we will be able to find areas in which we can make small changes in order to save money. We can then add some of this money to our ‘Savvy Saver Pot’.


The aim of the challenge is to add as many £1’s as you can to your saving jar in 1 year. At the end of the challenge you can use the money as you see fit. You can use it to pay off some debt. You could add it to your emergency fund. You could make a mortgage over-payment. You could even just treat yourself to something nice. I would love to say that I’m going to spend it on a nice treat for myself but I know that when the time comes I’ll probably use it as a mortgage over-payment.


Your saving jar can be an actual jar or pot where you physically add your money to or it can be a dedicated savings account.

I have opened an additional pot in my Starling account and named it ‘Savvy Saver Challenge’. I know some people are opening a new jar in their Monzo accounts and will use that for the saving challenge. You can obviously just use your regular current account and keep a tally of how much of the money in there is the challenge money but in my experience this never works. I find it much easier to have savings totally separate from money for bills etc otherwise it will just get spent, no matter how good your intentions.

If you haven’t already got a Starling or Monzo bank account then I really recommend that you consider it. I have both and they have been a Godsend for me. I use Starling for my sinking funds (and now for this saving challenge) and I use Monzo for my side hustle. Both are super easy to use and applying couldn’t be easier. Just download the apps and follow the instructions.


I aim to add £1 per day to my pot. This will give me £365 at the end of the challenge. You could do the same or you could save £1 every few days or £1 each week. I know one lady will be trying to save £5 per day by cutting back on buying lunch at work and putting that money towards her savings.


The challenge will run for a year, although you’re obviously not tied in! The end date will be 1st June 2021 (technically just under a year).


I will be adding regular updates on my Instagram page with how I’m doing and you are more than welcome (in fact encouraged!) to comment with how you’re doing with your challenge. Feel free to tag me at any time with your updates. It will go a long way to keeping us all motivated.

I will do a post on Instagram at the beginning of each month showing my total to date and asking you to post your totals. I will then add up everyone’s totals and reveal just how much we’ve managed to save between us the next day. We can try to beat our group total each month!

And, of course, you are more than welcome to pop a comment on this blog post with how you’re doing.